Lab Water System Consumables

Consumables for lab water systems. From pre-treatment cartridges over polishing packs and RO-membranes to upgrade kits you find everything necessary for your daily work with arium® lab water systems.

Sartorius Laboratory Products Models


611CDU5 Ultrafilter for arium® pro
5441307H4–CE–B Sartopore 150, 0.2µm, Size 4, 5pk
613L-CH001 Consumable for RO 613L
613L-CH002 RO membrane for arium® 613L
H2O-CPF arium® comfort Pre-filter

UV Lamp

611CEL1 Ultraviolet Lamp for arium® pro

Sanitization Syringes

611CDS2 arium® sanitization kit, 2 syringes
611CDS6 arium® sanitization kit, 6 syringes
612CDS2 2 sanitization syringe for arium® 612 / 613


615SC001 arium® salt
615DIC01 arium® ion exchange resin
613CPM4——–V 2 RO modules for arium® advance RO | EDI
613L-AUK001 Upgrade Kit for RO 613L system t

Cartridge Sets

613CPF05——-V 2 pretreatment pack for arium® advance RO | EDI
612CPS1——–A arium® softener cartridge, 4/Pk
H2O-A-PACK arium® Analytical Kit
H2O-B-PACK arium® Biological Kit
H2O-E-PACK arium® Elemental Kit
H2O-U-PACK arium® Universal Kit
H2O-C-PACK arium® Comfort Kit


H2O-CBS-20 arium® bag 20
H2O-CBS-50 arium® bag 50