Filter Holders and Manifolds

Multi-branch manifolds and individual filter holders are used for microbial enumeration. The filter holders and manifolds have been designed specifically for applications in which the particles or microorganisms or interest need to be retained on the membrane filter surface. The stainless steel frit filter support ensures a uniform distribution of the residues during the microbiological analysis. Special closure clamps simplify the addition or removal of the funnels adding to the ease of use.

Name | Order Number Volume Number of Filter Holders or Stations Max. operating pressure
Individual Filter Holder16201 1 x 0,5 l 1 2 bar
Individual Filter Holder16219 1 x 0,1 l 1 2 bar
Individual Filter Holder16220 1 x 0,04 l 1 2 bar
3-branch Manifold16824 3 x 0,1 l 3 2 bar
3-branch Manifold16828 3 x 0,5 l 3 2 bar
6-branch Manifold16831 6 x 0,5 l 6 2 bar
6-branch Manifold16832 6 x 0,1 l 6 2 bar