Filter Papers

With a broad range of filter papers available, you can choose from quantitative, qualitative, qualitative-technical filter papers, blotting and chromatography filter papers and other paper grades for special applications. Our filter papers are depth filters and typical applications are particle retention in gases or aqueous solutions.

Quantitative paper
- Wet Strengthened
- Ash Free

Qualitative paper
-Fliter Discs
-Folded Filters
-Pleated Paper

Blotting paper
Chromatography paper
Diatomaceous earth filter paper
Germination test paper
Glass microfiber filter
Lens cleaning paper
Paper board
Parchment Weighing Paper
Phase separator paper
Sample carrier paper
Surface protection paper
Technical Papers
Technical papers, creped
Technical papers, smooth
Air filtration
Food nonwovens
Glassfiber reinforcements
Glassfiber tissue
Industrial nonwovens
Liquid filtration
Medical nonwovens
Transportation filtration